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Switchboard releases a refreshed brand, alongside a new website, to mark and celebrate its 50th Birthday.


Switchboard, the UK's national LGBTQ+ listening service, has introduced a new refreshed brand and accompanying website. As well as repositioning itself to ‘Switchboard, the LGBTQIA+ Support Line’, to continue to make clear the organisation's commitment to support every identity within the community, and its mission to offer non-directive and non-judgemental support to service users across the UK.

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“Switchboard’s 50th Birthday year provided us the perfect opportunity to refresh our brand. Creating a new visual identity that celebrates our past, continues to establish our relevance in the present and will carry us into Switchboard's future.” — Stephanie Fuller, CEO

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A brand new look, inspired by 50 years of history

The creative agency, Nice and Serious, worked closely with Switchboard to create a fresh brand that suited the organisation’s evolving needs. They developed a tone of voice that can be adapted to a variety of situations, which embodies the calm approach of volunteers who provide support to those in need. Coupled with a visual identity that pays homage to the organization's 50-year legacy, while simultaneously feeling fresh and relevant in the present day. To begin this process, the team from Nice and Serious went to Switchboard’s archive, housed at Bishopsgate Institute for inspiration. They also undertook extensive internal strategic workshops and focus groups made up of volunteers, brand partners and other charities within the sector. From these sessions, they developed their core brand idea; ‘A Space for Every Conversation’.

The visual identity pays tribute to Switchboard’s archives. Pin badges, and the sense of pride from wearing them, are a key part of the LGBTQIA+ community and Switchboard's story. Among them, one badge in particular from 1982, inspired the central motif of the new design system— speech marks, bespoke lettering, and returning to the bold pink colour. In addition to the primary pink, they also developed a dynamic colour pairing system inspired by the rainbow flag. The brand also can add illustrations within the design which provides a space for community expression. Switchboard will be collaborating with illustrators from the LGBTQIA+ community to build a library of brand assets.

“The Switchboard branding is now as diverse and adaptable as our community is.” — Allison Montgomery, Communications Manager


A new user-friendly website

Switchboard has also worked with web development agency, GRM Digital, to develop a new website that will bring this new branding to life. The team at GRM have worked to create a website that is increasingly accessible for a variety of diverse needs, as well as user-friendly, making it easier than ever to access information about how to use the service, donate or become a volunteer. Today they roll out an abbreviated version of the site, with more to arrive in the coming weeks. One new feature to come will be a resource section to provide even more valuable information and signposting.

Happy 50th Birthday, Switchboard

Through tough times, milestones and breakthroughs; Switchboard volunteers have championed and supported our community for 50 years, a real achievement for an LGBTQIA+ organisation. This would not have been possible without the incredible dedication of decades of volunteers who have been committed to giving their time and energy to support fellow members of the LGBTQIA+ community, their families, friends and allies.

Throughout 2024 Switchboard will have a variety of events and activations to celebrate this momentous occasion.

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About Switchboard

Switchboard is the national LGBTQIA+ support line. For anyone, anywhere in the country, at any point in their journey. All their volunteers identify as LGBTQIA+ and know how difficult navigating some of these issues can be. Their support line is completely free, and available wherever people feel most comfortable – whether that’s on the phone, via chat or email. 10am-10pm every single day.