Contact Switchboard Office

Please use this email address to contact the Switchboard office staff. Please note that this isn’t a support service – if you wish to contact Switchboard for support, please use one of the options above.

Making a Complaint

All complaints should be made to the Secretary of Switchboard.

Complaints can concern Switchboard as an organisation or specific volunteers or employees.

You can raise a complaint by:

  • Emailing the Secretary at this email address ; or
  • Sending a letter to Switchboard Secretary, PO Box 7324, London, N1 9QS; or
  • Calling the Switchboard Office on 020 7886 8782 and leaving a telephone number so that the Secretary can call you back.

If you include your contact details, the Secretary will contact you to acknowledge receipt of the complaint within three working days.

The Secretary will let you know the outcome of your complaint within one calendar month. If the investigation cannot be completed within that time, you will be kept informed of the delay and told when you can expect a response.