Safe Space

Since 1974 Switchboard has taken more than three million calls from people across the UK looking for a confidential and non-judgemental space – a safe space – to talk and feel supported. The last five decades has transformed life for our communities, however recent figures showing a two-fold increase in LGBT+ hate crime in England and Wales since 2014 reminds us of the challenges we still face and the necessity of safe spaces.

In response to this we’ve partnered with the RANKIN GROUP to create Safe Space – a multi-stage advertising campaign which will raise awareness of our services, especially in areas with poor representation, isolation or high incidence of hate crimes.

“In another five years, Switchboard will be 50 and we don’t want to see a doubling again of these deeply troubling figures. With increased levels of isolation and loneliness, the need for Switchboard is ever-present. It’s these people that we want to reach with the Safe Space campaign, showing that we’re a national service focused on supporting those who need it most.”
– Natasha Walker, Switchboard Co-Chair

Launching at Pride in London 2019, the first phase of the campaign exhibits some of the most common questions posed to us, from concerns about an LGBT+ loved-one’s well-being to questions about terminology and emotional distress. Across billboards, social media, print and digital advertising and events up and down the country, the Safe Space campaign is an ambitious national call to the LGBT+ communities that Switchboard is here to serve and support.

Below you can find some of the campaigns assets that are free to download and share on your social feeds and websites alongside Switchboard’s contact details to support your community. Please make sure to tag and link back to us to ensure those who see it will be able to access our services quickly.

For more information on the campaign, please contact our Media team