We’re looking for volunteers to help manage our Google AdWords account. If you know anything about AdWords and can spare half hour every fortnight to check on the reports and adjust the terms being used then please get in touch with Jake (admin@switchboard.lgbt).

Today I’ve done quite a bit of maintenancey type work on the volunteer portal.

I’ve created a shift view – currently static although adding a shift adds to the gravity form

Tidied up the documents view

Created new call reports forms

Created new policy for call reports and shared with volunteer who offered to help with this aspect of the new website

Split the CSS forms so that the back end only refers to new documents

Sent emails to volunteers who’d offered to help with development to get chat alpha testing started

This functionality has not yet been written.

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If you’ve got an idea as to how we could run things differently at Switchboard, the trustees always want to hear your views.